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How to Safely Sell Your Items Online

When you are planning to sell your home and move, you may decide it is a good time to downsize and sell some items of value that you have collected over the years.

And then again, if you are like me, you just need to clear a bunch of stuff out. Have you ever kept something thinking it had value. Just think. When was the last time you used it? They say if the answer is over a year you should chuck it. But I might need it some day! Throw it out!

You guys ever have that discussion with yourselves?

Recently I decided to redo my home office. I could not believe the amount of crap I had been hoarding over the last 15 years. I am sure that once I took it all out of the room, there is no way it would fit back into the room. In fact, I now have the frame of what was a very good Ikea desk sitting on my back deck. I tried three times to sell it on Abbotsford Bidding Wars but no takers. So there it sits. Not for long because I am sure Sonya will soon grow tired of my ideas on how we could use it again. Throw it out Don! Ok.

Well as you can probably tell, I might not be the best guy to talk to about the stuff you want to sell or get rid of. Thats why I have added this great article on what How to Safely Sell Items Online. I hope you enjoy.

sell your stuff
How to Sell Stuff Online

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