Real Estate – 5 Most Important Things

There’s the old joke in Real Estate, “What are the three most important things about Real Estate? The Answer: Location Location Location…. Ha Ha Ha.

The importance of where your property is located is very real but we also should look at the other aspects of your home. You are going to have design, layout and decorating things to look at and also what it is actually made of. Bricks, morter, wood, vinyl. The options are endless. But your home is more than these things.

Home is About Your Family

Measure Me Grandpa!
Measure Me Grandpa!

Home for Sonya and I for the past 16 years has been a condo. I can not think of a better location to live. I can walk just about anywhere I need to go. But what is really important to me is having my family come to visit. We now have 8 grandchildren and there is one door in the condo that if we ever decide to move, that door will be coming with us. As you can see by the picture, we have measured everyone on this door. At our previous home, our children grew up and that was home.

Home is About Making Memories

No matter where we have live, we create memories. Sonya and I have been blessed to have just good memories from where we have lived. At the house in McMillan it was about the ball games the boys were playing and being close to the schoools for the special meetings or presentations. But one time we had a visit from the police. It would seem someone was shooting what appeared to be a rifle from our deck. Good thing it was only a pellet gun but we had some pretty scared boys while the police officer was talking to them. That is a memory!

Home is About New Relationships and Long ones

Every place we have lived, we meet new people. They become more than neighbors sometimes and we develop friendships. The kids had friends they met at the McMillan house they still call friends. People they may share part of their life with for many more years.

Home is About Living in Community

As you spend time in your area, hopefully you will be developing a feel for the community. The community we are in now is primarily adult but our previous properties were geared more for families. As your property requirements change, community is an important thing to consider when you are getting ready to move.

Home is About Security

Most people have a feeling of safety when they are home. They are in familiar surroundings. Hopefully with people they love and who care for them. For each of us it will mean something different. Women tend to feel a loss of security when the for sale sign goes up. They are concerned about where the next home is going to be. Men are quite likely to not be nearly as concerned. They could just as well live in a tent for a month or two.

I remember when Mom and Dad decided it was time for us to move into a bigger home and they put the little house on Mayfair up for sale. Along with Bev and Sharon, we would routinely take the for sale sign down because that was our place. I remember thinking it kind of funny when Dad would get annoyed at what we had done. Well we did move and I’m happy to report I survived that one and a few others as well. Amazing as it may seem, I found some new friends at the new place too.

Your Abbotsford Home Value
Your Abbotsford Home Value

Navigating the process of moving a family is more complicated today than 50 years ago when we moved from Mayfair to Sheffield Way. Moving across a much smaller town really wasn’t a big deal back then as it might be today. It is important we survive those moves and for them to be smooth.

Each person involved in the move will be concerned about something different but very relevent to them. Not everything we talked about could concern you but I bet each one involved in your move will be thinking of a few of those things.

Helping your move go smoothly is what we are all about. It is important to get the right price and to pay the right price but it is also important for you to be in the right place.

Please let me know if there is any way I might help you now.

If you have any question about moving or property values please feel free to leave a comment or post something on our Facebook page. We specialize in providing “Friendly Service all the Time” 


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