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Will Our Real Estate Market Change Soon?

There is certainly lots of talk about the possibility of change to our real estate market and to our industry. Our Government seems to be intent on doing their part with the implementation of a new property transfer tax. Others have posted our industry should change because of perceived conflicts of interest and what could be referred to as “An Old Boys Club” mentality. I believe the term “incestuous relationship” was used.

This conversation for me is deeply disturbing. In over 30 years of being an Agent, Manager and a Broker Owner, I have always tried to adhere to what my Dad taught me. Treat people right and the business will come. Have I been perfect at this? Nope! Do I always try? Yup! Can I get better? You Betcha! Getting better everyday should be what it is about. Looking out for my clients interest must always be my number 1 priority.

I know there are many others like me in this industry and I would have no problem naming many without hesitation should you ever want a list.

There has been ton’s of change over these years. Technology, regulations, Legal issues have all driven their own change.  I remember the computer terminal we first had. It was about 2 feet wide and 3 feet long. Reams and reams of paper were used as we would print out listings and other info. Any one remember Dial Up modems? Do you know how slow 300 baud is compared to today’s high speed connections? Our first Fax machine cost over $3,000.00 and used thermal paper. After about a year you couldn’t read what it said!

Of course for many, I am speaking a different language. You likely don’t know what a baud rate is or even a fax machine. Well, we could talk about a bunch of stuff here but the reality is “Sure things will change.”

Is this new tax a good thing? I don’t know. Maybe in the long run but what about those people caught with a deal that might not close because someone won’t pay the added tax? What about the person who might be depending on that sale to complete so they can move forward on their commitments. Seems to me some innocents could get burned in this process. It isn’t to be applied east of Langley but will it drive foreign investors here? Could that be good?

Will our market crash? I don’t know. Maybe it will do like it usually does. Level off, and then decline 5 – 10% over the next 4 – 8 years. The factors driving this market are different than any other experienced during my time.

Change is a given. Our market and our industry will always change. Sometimes for the good and sometimes not so good. The more important question is “How will I navigate what is to come?”

So Here is Some Advice for Change:

  1. Don’t be part of the herd. Just because everyone is doing something doesn’t mean it is a smart thing to do. Use your head.
  2. Choose to be represented by someone who has experience and familiarity with all aspects of the transaction. The legal issues and complexity of today’s transactions need to be considered.
  3. Know your limits. Yes, a level of risk is sometimes good but not everyone is comfortable at the same level.
  4. Be clear on your objectives. What is it you are trying to accomplish.
  5. Most important of all. Work with someone you trust.

The real estate market adds a significant amount to our economy so a discussion of what affects it is worthy to take place. Please feel free to leave your comments or likes. If you have any questions about real estate please feel free to ask. I will do my best to answer them.


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